Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spring 2010::Lemons

This is my Lisbon lemon.
I'm very proud of the crop it has given me this winter.
It must have about 30 lemons on it.
I planted it around 2 years ago.
I selected a Lisbon rather than a Eureka or a Meyer,
as it prefers a cooler climate.

They have such a lemony shape.
And they have a lemony flavour.
Not at all like Meyer lemons which are kind of sweet and round.

I've made some salty preserved lemons and some lemon cordial.

My mandarin in the background is just 1 year old
but still produced 6 mandarins.
And that big white monstrosity in the background
was the original mailbox when we moved in - it's hideous,
but I can't part with it.

Photo: Home, Ararat - September & October, 2010


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