Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spring 2010::Asphodeline Lutea

I love the green grey swirly leaves of my luteas.
This is the first year they have flowered -
although, they have only been in the ground since winter 2009 - ie: less than 18 months.
We planted them in the garden bed outside the lounge room window.
It's a plant of the Mediterranean, so it suits our wet winters and dry summers perfectly - here are some growing naturally in Crete - the last shot on this link is a bewdy.

According to the interwebs it is also known as
Jacob's Staff and King's Spear -
and the roots are edible - roasted on the fire and served with oil and salt.
If I get hungry, I'll give it a try.

I bought them via mail order from Lambley Nursery which is an excellent source for dry-climate plants.
I don't think they have any yellow ones at the moment but they do have a couple of different whitey ones.

Photos: Home - November, 2010


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