Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Round the Garden on a Grey Autumn Day in Five Easy Photos

Made some new cushions for the chairs on the front porch yesterday,
getting it all ready for our "sitting in the sun like lizards" sessions that
we look forward to every winter.
(Also killed all the resident spiders, including one redback,
so my big brave husband could venture out without fear).
I'm not sure what that green succulent is called but it always reminds me of seaweed.

I love dirty old geraniums (that's what my cheeky nursery man calls them).
I don't know why modern gardens don't embrace the geranium - they're the bomb
(or 'whatevs' it is the young folk say these days).

My Crepe Myrtle - aren't the leaves just beautiful?
And it makes these flowers in Summer - what's not to love about a Crepe Myrtle.
(perhaps remembering how to spell Mrytle - Myrtle)

Sometimes gardening requires patience (which the good lord did not see fit to bestow 'uponce' me) - and it's torture waiting for plants to produce fruit or flowers. I had this Birthday Candle Banksia 3 years before it made these little flowers - they remind me of corn cobettes.

Impossible to grow coriander round these parts in the warmer months.
It's looking nice and healthy coming into winter - I feel some thai curries coming on.

Plenty of other stuff happening in the garden,
but after 5 photos I tend to lose focus (see what I did there?
photos/focus - genius).
Time to go and trim the hydrangeas.

Photos: Home - 20th April, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Never Know

Fuchsias didn't really register on my radar.
I don't know what I had against them.
They just seemed a bit too fussy and prissy.
I didn't think they would be made of stern enough stuff to survive in my garden.
(ie: alternating being lavished with attention and then neglected for months on end).
I couldn't have been more wrong.
They are really hardy little buggers.
All through summer and now well into autumn they just keep on flowering.
And they are the happiest, jolliest little plants.
Lots of strong colour.

So I lashed out and ordered a few more from Brenlissa online nursery.
They come in lots of different flavours and you can get upright ones
or ground-covers or ones for hanging baskets.
I think I've been converted.

Photos: Home - April, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Here's a Tip

DON'T deadhead your Marigolds with your fingers.

(but they look pretty).

Photo: Home - 1st April, 2011


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