Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Babies

More baby plant purchases from The Native Shop in Dimboola.

In a couple of years they will look just like these photos (fingers crossed).

Eremophila laanii - Pink Emu Bush
3 x 3mt
For Pendlebury Hill - between the Pomegranate tree and the Judas Tree

photo: wikimedia

Grevillea Robusta - Silky Oak
30 x 20mt
LOVE, love, love these trees.
I'd have to say it's my all-time favourite tree.
And you know, I never really noticed them til we were on holidays in Forster 3 years ago - then they hit me right between the eyes..
I ordered two for street trees at Pendlebury Hill.

photo: Mallee Native Plants

Melaleuca wilsonii - Violet Honey Myrtle
2 x 2mt
For Pendlebury Hill - next to the Olive tree

photo: Wikimedia

Melaleuca linarifolia - Snow in Summer
8 x 5mt
I adore this plant - it is absolutely glorious in spring.
It's for Pendlebury Hill - Southern side - next to Cherry Grevillea

photo: Kate's Photo Diary

Eucalyptus forrestiana - Fuchsia Gum
6 x 4mt
Western side of house next to Scarlet Blaze wattle (it's on its last legs)

photo: Melburnian at Oz Native Plants

Acacia microbotrya - Manna Wattle
6 x 4mt
Eastern side of house next to Grevillea in the corner.

photo: TrekNature

Eremophila alternifolia - Native Honeysuckle
3 x 3mt
For the western side of the house on the northern side of the Little Spotty Gum

photo: Mallee Native Plants

Little Babies

I wanted a few more native plants around the joint (and over at Pendlebury Hill) so I've ordered 16 baby plants from The Native Shop in Dimboola.
One thing about this rainy weather - it's great for planting out newbies.

Here's a few I ordered - all suitable for clay soil - and what they will look like in 2 or 3 years.
Aren't they just beautiful?

Eremophila racemosa
2 x 2mt
For the eastern side of the house next to the Weeping Myrtle (right side).

photo: Berri Native Plants

PimPin Mallee
2 x 2mt
For eastern side of house next to Weeping Myrtle (left side).

photo: Mallee Native Plants

Banksia Ericfolia
7 x 5mt
Eastern side of house.

photo: marbiz

Eucalyptus Woodwardii
10 x 5 mt
For western side of house where pink flowering gum used to be.

photo: Ivan Holliday - Westflora

Grevillea ‘Poorinda Constance’
3 x 5mt
For Pendlebury Hill between the Quince tree and the Judas tree.

photo: Jim's Plants

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summer: Bang for ya Buck

I do love a lot of bang for my buck.
And don't these nasturtiums deliver?
Such tiny unassuming little dudes,
but they liven up any corner they live in.
This little one at the front gate is my favourite at the moment.

He's a mix of all three nasturtium colours (red, yellow, orange).
Don't they look like little paint smudges?

And I love their pinwheel leaves.

Look! They've got eyelashes!


you can even eat them!

Photos: Home - 8th January, 2011


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