Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little Babies

I wanted a few more native plants around the joint (and over at Pendlebury Hill) so I've ordered 16 baby plants from The Native Shop in Dimboola.
One thing about this rainy weather - it's great for planting out newbies.

Here's a few I ordered - all suitable for clay soil - and what they will look like in 2 or 3 years.
Aren't they just beautiful?

Eremophila racemosa
2 x 2mt
For the eastern side of the house next to the Weeping Myrtle (right side).

photo: Berri Native Plants

PimPin Mallee
2 x 2mt
For eastern side of house next to Weeping Myrtle (left side).

photo: Mallee Native Plants

Banksia Ericfolia
7 x 5mt
Eastern side of house.

photo: marbiz

Eucalyptus Woodwardii
10 x 5 mt
For western side of house where pink flowering gum used to be.

photo: Ivan Holliday - Westflora

Grevillea ‘Poorinda Constance’
3 x 5mt
For Pendlebury Hill between the Quince tree and the Judas tree.

photo: Jim's Plants


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