Monday, March 7, 2011

Dirty Little Blighters

I'm frequently at war with some dastardly critter in my garden.
Presently, it's the white cabbage butterfly Pieris Rapae.

I quite like the butterflies - they flit all over the garden and make me feel all "English Country Garden".
But they lay eggs - LOTS OF EGGS!
And the eggs turn into caterpillars.
Fat green caterpillars.
And the caterpillars chow down on my nasturtiums and Bok Choy and Cauliflower and Broccoli seedlings.
See those eggs there on my Bok Choy?

Having had a rather nasty dose of cancer in my household already, I am loathe to use any toxic chemicals on the food we eat, so I will always search for a low-impact remedy to control pessstssss, bugsss and aphidssss (anyone remember good old Allan Seale and his sibilant "s"? I loved that ad - I wish someone would put it on youtube).

the interwebs suggested egg shell halves might work.
Apparently, cabbage butterflies are territorial and they think the eggshells are other cabbage butterflies so they fly away and find somewhere else to lay eggs.
Lots of people have had great success with this method.
I didn't think cabbage butterflies could be that dumb.

So half a carton of eggs later.....
it turns out Ararat cabbage butterflies are of a superior intellect.
You'll notice they indulge in no pretence, they laid their eggs right next to my deterrent.

Now, I'm going in for round 2 - a little concoction of molasses and pure soap.
I've heard the caterpillars would rather starve than eat leaves coated in molasses.
Whaddya reckon?
Is it gunna work?

Photos: Home - Feb&Mar 2011


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