Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let's Get This Party Started!

I was recently reminded of this photo (2011 - my garden in Ararat).
I can't seem to get my creative gardening juices flowing.
I have a bit of a blockage.
Maybe coz it's winter.
Thought this photo might shake loose a few little feelers in my brain.
Poke, poke, prod.

See that plant stand.
I bought it for $5 from the rubbish tip shop in Toowoomba, Queensland a couple of years ago.
It's cast iron and weighed a tonne.
I put it in our wagon and carried it nearly 2000km down to our home in Victoria.
With our luggage and 3 dogs also in the wagon, we were uncomfortably squished.
Now I live in Toowoomba again (after 25 years away) and I'm gunna have to bring it 2000km back home!
Fun times.


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