Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Now and Then


Innit pretty now?
It's my favourite place at the moment to sit in the garden and hang out with my peeps
(note tennis ball under table).
And I love that most of it is second-hand!
Our $2 bbq table from the tip.
A transplanted rose from the previous owners.
A white nectarine tree struck for us by Uncle Tony or Uncle Pino (they both struck one for me and I can't remember who did this one).
My old deckchairs from Mum & Dad from 1996.
My chandelier from the reclaim shop (can you see it hanging in there?)
The geraniums are struck from cuttings from the house we stay in at Port Fairy.
Vince grew our beautiful lawn from runners he collected from overgrown footpaths.
I dunno if you can see it in there Natalie, but behind one of those chairs is the white daisy which you struck for me.
My chair covers - half-price on sale!
My blue and white pot from the Reject Shop.
It's so satisfying to bodge something up from stuff you can find and free stuff you are given.

I love too - that now, this one little corner is so productive.
We chopped out those awful Pittosporum trees and now we have
4 fruit trees (peach, loquat, white nectarine, mulberry)
herbs - rosemary, thyme, parsley, oregano, sage, mint.
And there are roses for picking - azaleas, daisies, geranium, statice, gazanias and nasturtiums.
It's amazing how much you can shove into a couple of square metres!

Photos: This morning - 7/12/11


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